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FOSTER History & Collective Memory is a free website dedicated to remembering the work done by those before us, and is the result of group effort and commitment to many years of research.

Archaeologists, architects, writers, genealogists, historians and families who have spent countless hours collecting detailed information dating back to very ancient times.

We need your support to continue growing and sharing new stories over time. Following in the footsteps of our ancestors is one of our goals to help families understand many aspects of life.

If you want to ensure the continuity of the project and its growth, you can help us spread and recommend this website to family, friends and so that more people can discover their origins, transform the way we see and understand our family, develop grief that perhaps they do not It has been possible at the time and even know a part of our medical history by observing the diseases that our ancestors have suffered.

If you perhaps have a website or blog, you can put a link to our site and recommend this space in any media or sponsor this project, and advertise your service on the website.

FOSTER History & Collective Memory inspires many families to understand the importance of telling their stories.

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Whether you decide to make a one-time donation or a monthly donation, it will go a long way toward covering the costs of maintaining this site and other related initiatives. These donations will encourage many families to research and learn more about their history. It will also help young people discover their purpose, have a goal and find themselves. Whatever support you choose to provide, you will help us create a healthier world for all families.

We want to help people through history and genealogy to understand their own past and access information that we cannot see on a conscious level but that perhaps on an unconscious level can continue to manifest. Our job is to provide support that creates lasting change for families and addresses their immediate needs.

When you set up a regular donation, you become part of the work that helps many people find even more of the true meaning of life.

Why FOSTER History & Collective Memory?

All the data and information that exists in this space is available to everyone from the beginning and will be available from then on. However, the research, construction, design and maintenance of the website requires sustained effort, and your contribution is of great importance to us.

We depend entirely on voluntary donations like yours to fund our work to reach many homes and build a better world for the families of tomorrow. 

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