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Family history can be the true medicine against the bad decisions and experiences that we live throughout our lives, and when we discover where we come from we develop a strong sense of who we really are.

It's true that it can be like a riddle, but when we delve into our roots, we sow for the next generations.

What's your story? What stories have they told you?

If you are lucky enough to remember every story, or even to keep old family letters, this is a good start. However, if you have no memories or don't know how to get started, you don't need to worry, you can still share your stories and preserve every moment for future generations.

Discovering family history is knowing yourself, and this helps us connect with the past to understand the present and build the future by collecting and preserving each stage of our existence.

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You can start by completing the following form with your contact information, and then write the names of the protagonists of your story, their country of origin and those details that still remain in your memory and you must tell.

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