About Me

Since my childhood it has been of great interest to learn about history, archeology and genealogy, and even in adolescence I remember the stories that my great-grandfather told, where he often stressed the importance of preserving and valuing each historical fact.

After so many years, I remember the countless times he shared his experiences with the role, in an attempt to preserve his memory.

Even the mornings on an old platform, and the times when we frequented an old locomotive stored for decades, and where the importance of the railroad as a means of transport stood out.

Over the years my interest in history increased, I turned to genealogy, and in 2017 I began researching ancestral history. Without remembering much else, I continued my search by asking relatives, and then by the institutions and sites that were necessary to deepen the investigation.

Today I love researching the origins and how humans have lived throughout the centuries. I consider myself passionate about medieval writing, ancient calligraphy and the restitution of the past through documents.

Learning for me is a great satisfaction and I face each challenge as an experience to grow and develop as a person. So I throw my modest seed for the possible use of the community, and I dedicate my research together with this site, to all those who still retain in their spirit the desire to preserve their history and keep the tradition alive through time.