Together is better

We are looking for volunteers to expand genealogical research and the FOSTER History & Collective Memory project. If you want to volunteer, you will not only be surrounded by people with like-minded interests, but you will also learn to build a family tree with the aim of connecting and helping many people discover their own history by remembering the work done by those who preceded us, who with great perseverance and courage they sowed for future generations.

By joining our community, any information you discover or content you provide during your research can help other families in their search for ancestors, and if you never have, don't worry, we can help you get started.

No special skills required!

This history, archeology, and genealogy project is dedicated to tracing the path of our ancestors through genealogy and architecture. In turn, it works as inspiration, a reminder of how far we can go, when we ask ourselves who we are and what is our origin. It's content is a clear invitation to each one to keep the tradition alive in their memory.

We can gain strength from the stories of families who struggled with difficulties and overcame obstacles.

Make the difference

Thinking of volunteering? There is no better way to give back to society than by connecting families with their own history and discovering the traces of their ancestors.

Discover the joy of reliving history and helping people discover their origin by tracing their ancestors, while learning how to make a family tree from the comfort of your home.

You can email us at for more information.