How to Collaborate?

FOSTER History & Collective Memory is a completely free website dedicated to preserving the memory of our ancestors, and is the result of the individual effort and commitment of many years of research.

We need your support to keep growing and expanding new stories over time.

If you want to ensure the continuity of the project and the growth of the site, you can help us to spread and recommend this web page to family, friends and that more people can discover it's origins.

If perhaps you have a website or blog, you can put a link to our site and recommend this space in any medium or sponsor this project, and advertise your service on the website.

FOSTER History & Collective Memory inspires many families to understand the importance of telling their stories.

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Why Collaborate?

All the data and information that exists on this site is available to everyone from the beginning and will be so from then on. However, the research, as well as the construction and maintenance of the website require a sustained effort, and your contribution is of great importance to us.

With your contribution we can reach many families who do not know their origins but want to preserve every moment for future generations. If you want, you can also actively join this project by adding more data that has not yet been attached.

FOSTER History & Collective Memory thanks in advance for your enthusiasm, interest, support and contribution to the growth of the site.

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