About FOSTER History & Collective Memory

FOSTER History & Collective Memory is a non-profit organization with a passion for history and archeology, dedicated to tracing the path of our ancestors through genealogy and architecture. At the same time, the goal is to help people discover their family history, and remember the work done by those who came before us, which with great perseverance and courage they sowed for future generations.

They knew how to overcome the obstacles that came their way and thanks to their determination, we remember them.

The fact of delving into our origins lies in the genuine and unique value that the knowledge of history represents for us, and it's a clear invitation for each person anywhere in the world. We can gain strength from the stories of families who struggled with difficulties and managed to overcome obstacles.

FOSTER History & Collective Memory works as an inspiration and reminder of how far in time we can go, when we ask ourselves who we are, and what is our origin.

Our Vision

Our vision is carried out by a group of volunteers in order to preserve and share a world of stories. Our goal is precisely to be the inspiration for many people around the world to discover their identity traveling in time and to reach a broader vision of events.

FOSTER History & Collective Memory

Through the arduous desire to know the history and the vicissitudes that marked the lives of those who preceded us, an in-depth investigation was carried out that resulted in a greater understanding of the historical process.

We offer our homage and remembrance, for all those who from the beginning have acted around the world. In recognition of the work done, streets, avenues or villages were designated with their last names. In memory, we keep their traditions alive.

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