History & Collective Memory 

Through history we can understand the condition of the human being and our own position on the time scale. A look at what happened in the past helps us understand who we are, where we came from and where we are going. 

We often forget the struggles our ancestors have gone through and the countless benefits we could reap in the face of life's current and adverse experiences, where the force is passing from generation to generation. 

Understanding the general importance of history is a valuable tool that enables us to bond with our ancestors and appreciate their joys, hopes, and even their sorrows to positively influence our lives. This helps us to be aware of what happened in order to heal and reconcile. 

The more we discover about our past, the more information we generate for future generations and we feel belonging to a legacy that keeps us together, alive over time.  

Knowing our cultural background and where we come from will help us develop a strong sense of identity and how we relate to family stories. Thus, as we rebuild, we discover that which is negative, and we repair ties that were interrupted, attracting well-being and harmony.

Knowing history helps us gain a better understanding of the challenges, and often inspires us to reinforce our present engagement. 

Each story reminds us that not everything will be easy, but that it will be worth it if we manage to persevere. 

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