Máximo Fernando de Elía Álzaga


Letter from Maximo de Elia Alzaga to Justo Jose de Urquiza

Letter from Máximo Fernando de Elía Álzaga (1811-1865) to his cousin Justo José de Urquiza (1801-1870), first president of the Argentine Confederation from 1854 to 1860. The document is from 1860, and gives him a statue of Saint Joseph with a child in his arms.

The statue is located in the San José Palace, in Concepción del Uruguay, Province of Entre Ríos, place of residence of the first constitutional president of the Argentine Republic.

The San José Palace was declared a National Historic Monument in 1935 and in 1936 it opened it's doors as a Museum.

Document belonging to the Historical Archive of the San José Palace. June 7, 1860.

Máximo Fernando de Elía Álzaga (1811-1865) / Landowner

Máximo Fernando de Elía Álzaga (Buenos Aires, Argentina; 1811 - Buenos Aires, Argentina June 24, 1865) was an Argentine landowner and owner, son of a prominent jurist of the Independence.

He was the son of María Isabel Eugenia de Álzaga Cabrera (1786-1858), one of the most powerful landowners on the coast of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, and Ángel Mariano Roque de Elía García de Zúñiga (1771-?), a prominent jurist who he was a member of the Assembly of the Year XIII.

He married Isabel Foster (1835-1932), on January 7, 1863 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and together they had 2 children: Máximo Ricardo de Elía Foster (1863-1863) and Nicanor Zenon Carlos de Elía Foster (1864-1941).

One of the sons, Nicanor de Elía Foster, was a politician and legal representative of some of the most important companies and institutions of the time.

Máximo Fernando de Elía Álzaga was the great-nephew of the Governor of Entre Ríos Mateo García de Zúñiga (1795-1872) and the grandson of Mateo Ramón de Álzaga Sobrado (1734-1786), a wealthy Spanish merchant who married Toribia María Francisca Cabrera Saavedra (1755 -1798), who later married General Cornelio Saavedra (1759-1829), president of the first government of the United Provinces of Río de la Plata.

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