Ann Foster


Land Purchase Agreement by Mrs. Ann Foster

Sale of land by Ann Foster of Flanshaw Lane (1718-c.1790), acting on behalf of her brother John Foster of Madeira (1723-?) to Joseph Thornes, of Ossett, owner of a coal field.

The properties being sold are described (lines 20-27) 'those three tenement houses, or dwellings, or barns, stables and outbuildings' at Ossett and occupied by John Dews (1727-?), Thomas Moss (1720-1799) and William Chappell, and also those six land closures called Tophill Close, Well Close, Rise Spring, Pond Close, Laith Close, Pighill, all in the occupation of Joseph Thornes or subtenants.

In total 22 acres. Selling price: £ 998 and 19 shillings.

Document belonging to the Yorkshire Historical and Archaeological Society. MD 71/18. September 28, 1764. 

Ann Foster (1718-c.1795) / Owner

Ann Foster (Flanshaw Lane, Wakefield, England; January 3, 1718 - Ossett, West Yorkshire, England; c. 1795) was the youngest daughter of Richard Foster (1687-1729), who reserved his pressing shop for the construction of the first chapel in Ossett.

His family lived for a time in Flanshaw Lane, where they engaged in commerce as their main economic activity.

Ann had 6 siblings of whom 2 died in infancy, Sarah Foster (1718-1729), at the age of 11 and Richard Foster (1724-1724). Another of his brothers, John Foster (1723-?), emigrated to Funchal taking advantage of the historic alliance between the British and the Portuguese.

His remaining siblings were Stephen Foster (1719-?), Hannah Foster (1720-1809) and Mary Foster (1721-?).

It should be noted that Hannah married the wealthy Silcoates merchant named Robert Lumb (1715-1795), who disposed of his estate to his nieces and nephews because their children died unmarried.

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