Mrs. Isabel de Álzaga Cabrera de Elía


Isabel Eugenia de Álzaga Cabrera Saavedra de Elía (Buenos Aires, Argentina; June 30, 1786 - Buenos Aires, Argentina; June 15, 1858) was one of the most powerful landowners on the coast of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, with the domain of more than sixty leagues of fields in the south of the province of Entre Ríos.


Isabel de Álzaga was the daughter of the Spanish Mateo Ramón de Álzaga Sobrado, and of Toribia María Francisca Cabrera Saavedra, married to General Cornelio Saavedra, president of the first government of the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata.

Isabel was the cousin of the father of General Justo José de Urquiza, first president of the Argentine Confederation, and mother-in-law of Isabel Foster.

She married Angel Mariano Roque de Elía García de Zúñiga on February 7, 1809, a prominent jurist who was part of the Assembly of the Year XIII, great-nephew of the Entre Ríos governor Mateo García de Zúñiga, and they were the parents of 8 children: Nicanor Fabián de Elía Álzaga (1804), Máximo Fernando de Elía Álzaga (1811), Rosalía Rafaela Estanislada de Elía Álzaga (1813), Isaías de Elía Álzaga (1815), Angel Germán de Elía Álzaga (1818), Héctor Genaro de Elía Álzaga (1820), María de la Trinidad de Elía Álzaga (1822) y Nicanora de Elía Álzaga (1824).


Isabel de Álzaga was born in 1786 and was the daughter of the Spanish merchant Mateo Ramón de Alzaga y Sobrado, a native of Castro Urdiales (cousin of Gral. Justo José de Urquiza's father). His mother, Toribia Francisca de Cabrera y Saavedra was the stepdaughter of General Cornelio Saavedra.

Isabel became a widower very young and sent her children to study in Europe while she took care of their stays, and even sued the government of Entre Ríos to recover land and get compensation for her livestock, all this in a context in which her family lived continuously political persecutions.


Isabel Eugenia de Álzaga Cabrera Saavedra de Elía died on June 15, 1858 at the age of 72, and her remains rest in the Recoleta cemetery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.