Commodore Peter Turner


Peter Turner (Rhode Island, United States; February 17, 1803 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States; February 19, 1871) was a United States Navy commander who served aboard the USS Constitution in the Pacific and the USS Columbus within the Brazil Squadron.


Peter Turner was the son of Dr. William Turner (1775-1837) and Mehitable Foster Turner (1780-1853). He married Sarah Stafford Jones (1826-1875) and had five children, including Hettie Foster (1850-1937).


Commodore Peter Turner began his career in the United States Navy as a midshipman at the age of twenty, subsequently obtaining the rank of Lieutenant on December 20, 1832. From 1834 to 1835, he served on the USS Columbus in the Brazil Squad of his uncle, Commodore Daniel Turner (1794-1850).

He also served aboard the USS Constitution in the Pacific and later on special duty at the Portsmouth Navy Yard. His last cruise was on the USS Southampton before serving as Commander of the United States Naval Asylum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was commissioned as a Commodore in 1867.


Peter Turner died at the age of 68 in Rhode Island and his remains rest in Mount Moriah Cemetery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.


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