Cookies Preferences

On your first visit to the site, you were notified that this website uses cookies to function properly and improve your user experience, and we would like to explain how we use these technologies.

Like many websites, we use cookies for various purposes. Some cookies are necessary for the website to function; others collect data about your device hardware and your interaction with our website.

We use cloud-based servers managed by third-party service providers to collect website traffic information.


These cookies are necessary for the site to perform its basic functions and are therefore always enabled. For example, when you close the cookie banner, a cookie is stored on your device to remind your browser not to show this pop-up window again when visiting us.



We use a third-party web analytics tool to collect information about how visitors use and interact with our website. Cookies collect information about:

  • The number of visitors to our website.
  • The pages or content with the most traffic.
  • The approximate place in the world from which you visit the website; and how you found our website. For example: from a direct search, a link on a third-party website or a link included in one of our emails.

This information allows us to improve the website, for example to prioritize updates to the most read content or the most used function.

Content testing

When we work on updates to our website, we occasionally show original content to some visitors and updated content to others to assess which version best optimizes the user experience. In doing so, we place a cookie on your device to remember which version of the page was shown to you.


Social media cookies

Sometimes we connect with associated social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which place cookies on your device when you visit our website to remember that you have browsed our website or that you are interested in our content ("third-party cookies"). This means that by visiting these third-party websites or a site that has agreed to host our platform's advertisements, the advertisements displayed to you will be better tailored to your interests. If you click on these advertisements, you will be directed to our website.